Newsflash: My pot is not for sale!


I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell (ISBN: 0060287616):

Overall I thought book was a good interpretation of kids self-esteem. I enjoyed seeing how Curtis and Cornell used their diction and writing to connect with a younger audience while still getting the message across.  I would use this book on the first day of school to help eliminate fears and anticipation.  I would also put the kids in small groups with a likes and dislike sheet much like Mrs.Jackson did with the Teacher Cadet classes.  This would promote bonding between the kids which would ultimately make for a great learning environment.  I would use this book for the second and third grade.

The Race by D.H. Groberg(ISBN-10: 0446533076):

Annie’s selection of this poem was spot on for our discussion of self-esteem/self-concept last week.  The poem was a great metaphor for perseverance and courage.  I would use this lesson in a P.E. class to promote determination.  I would also use this in a class before I give the kids a large project.  The race will be the project and I will convey to them that as long as you try your hardest and finish the race you will always be successful(in my book).  You could also have the kids write a story about “Their Race”  and tell them to write how they would like their finish to be.

Under the Moon by Joanne Ryder(ISBN-10: 0394819608):

A great children’s story with great description.  I thought the book had a decent plot and it reminded me of the Redwall series.  I would use this book to show imagery and basic story mechanics.  I would have the class write an outline for a children’s story then I would walk them through how to add needed detail and grammar(Which could be questionable because I am the last person that should teach innocent young ones grammar).  I would use this book in kindergarten for the story and in the seventh grade for imagery and grammar mechanics.

Learning Experiences:

This week we worked in groups and discussed self-concept/self-esteem.  The major test of our overall knowledge was to design a skit that accurately portrays self-concept and teaches a lesson about it. I liked seeing and taking into account everyone ideas and perspectives on how to approach this task.  Discussing self-esteem with my fellow classmates was a great way for me to get an overall better understanding of what exactly self-concept is.

Current Event:

As of August 31, 2010, the state of Georgia is going to receive 322.3 million dollars to help save 5000 teaching jobs.  Georgia had to go through an application process that was received and reviewed by the Department of Education.  I think this is a great use of stimulus money.  Saving teaching jobs until they can be sustained on a state level was a wise decision by the national government.

Quote of the week:

I am not a teacher; only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead–ahead of myself as well as of you.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) British dramatist, critic, writer.
Teachers should be guides not preachers or orators.  Students should feel as if a teacher is a facilitator for their learning.  A guide points the way but does not force you that direction. It is up to the student to put in the purposeful effort. I love this quote because this year I feel as if all my teachers are guiding me not teaching at me or down to be as in previous years.


This week I saw a sense of spirit and pride in our school that I have not seen in my whole time at Dutch Fork.  Everyone had a positive attitude and were supportive of our sports teams.  I went to a volleyball game on Tuesday night and was amazed at how many people I saw it was great. I believe this new-found pride in Dutch Fork will bring about a great atmosphere to be learning in and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.  Whatever path I take in life I want my co-workers, family, and friends to be positive, supportive, and prideful about what they are doing.  When you surround yourself with people like that failure doesn’t even come across as an option.


The past week for me has been an eye-opening one.  I’ve finally figured out that if you can relate to people and talk to them about things that interest them they are more open and cheerful.  I made it my personal goal last week to be positive and cheerful from 8am to 345pm. I tried my best to encourage everyone I saw and promote the kind of atmosphere I want to spend my school year in.  I am genuinely happy with how everything is turning out my senior year and I am cherishing everyday as if it was my last.

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