Hotty Toddy


Oh the Places You’ll Go by  Dr. Seuss (ISBN: 0679805273)- In my opinion this is one of Dr.Seuss’s best books, this is because the book can be used in my contexts which allows it to be not only a great children’s book, but a powerful tool for thought.  In my classroom I would assign my students a journal assignment on the places they hope to go and the obstacles they anticipate will stand in their way.  Every week the students will enter their thoughts and reflections about how they are coming along on their journey.  Also, I wont be surprised if this book shows up at graduation, because it always does without fail.

The Foolish Tortoise by Richard Buckley (ISBN: 1416979166)- This book related great to the topic of self-esteem.  The overall moral lesson of the book was to be comfortable with who you are and realize that you were made that way for a unique purpose and path.  I immediately recognized the art from one of my favorite childhood books The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Although simple the book does an effective job at getting its message across.  I would used this book in an art class and do a lesson on Eric Carley’s style of drawing and how its appeals to children.  You could also use this book in a science class if you were starting a lesson on amphibians and their natural habitats.

Learning Experiences

This week we took self esteem to another level and discussed how it affects learning as well as how environments can affect self esteem.  Mrs. Jackson showed us the film “Corridor of Shame” it covered a section of school in South Carolina that are underfunded and therefore cannot function as positive learning environments for the students.  The student’s are much less likely to pursue advanced avenues of education such as college because of their preparatory environment and the negative effect it has on their self esteem.  This really put in perspective for me how fortunate we are as a community to have such a great school system that has the ability to cater to many different types of student need.  We got to apply our knowledge of self esteem and its many environmental effects on our test on Thursday which allowed be to conceptualize all of the information.

Current Event

The Texas Education board will vote this month on a resolution to white wash textbooks(which they have already done) in an attempt to cleanse what they call a Pro-Islamic movement in the textbook industry.  According to the Board of Education texts are being written with a Pro-Islamic connotation and portraying Christianity in a negative light.  In my opinion this is a form of outlandish bigotry.  First of all, the majority of published textbooks come from Texas.  It is one of the nations largest suppliers.  By “white-washing” texts the Board of Education will deprive students of valuable knowledge needed to receive a holistic education. It is beyond ignorant to suggest that select textbook companies are attempting to brainwash students against Christianity! What is more absurd is suggesting that they are promoting Islam.

Quote of the Week

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”.

~Robert Maynard Hutchins

I think to many students education is just a means to an end.  Get through high school so they can attend college so they can get a mediocre job and get on with their life.  This is the problem with the next generation.  Learning should be taught as a lifelong skill/goal.  It doesn’t stop when you receive a diploma, if that were true the world would be a very ignorant place.  Learning continues as long as the learner has the passion for it.   I belive this is the most important part of the concept of education.


This week I observed the Senior class staying focused(which is a miracle).  Senior year is full of distractions from party’s to football to anxiety about college.  Overall I think my class is doing a great job at buckling down and getting through the senior year academically well.  When everyone is working their butt off it is hard not to want to join in.   It is a great feeling knowing everyone is in the same position.  The first week I talked about a cohesiveness of the school as a community.  Now I am beginning to observe a cohesiveness among the senior class which I believe will be a positive reinforcement come second semester when the epidemic kicks in(senioritis).


I receive a partial scholarship offer from the University of Mississippi(Ole’ Miss) this week! It was a great feeling knowing my 3 years of hard work is starting to pay off.  Mentally I believe I am growing as a person.  I am comprehending concepts in school that I would have never though I could have.  From derivatives in calculus to deep symbolism in language. I am starting to feel like I am ready to make the transition from high school to college.  Mock Trial is starting this week, and being the co-captain of the team I am starting to feel the responsibility to help the team succeed this year.  I want to build the program from the ground up this year so I can say I left a lasting impression on Dutch Fork besides the embarrassing stories my former teachers will tell the wide-eyed freshman.  Work at The Black Tie is finally picking up and I feel like I have settle in to the” swing of things”.  Now its just time to work hard and maintain until the spring!

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