Writers Block


What Teachers Can’t Do by Douglas Wood (ISBN: 0689846444): Using dinosaurs in place of people, the book illustrated just what the title implies, everything teachers can’t do.  The moral of the book was to show that an important part of teaching is realizing the kid in us all which is one of William Perky’s core philosophies.  The book could be used in Pre-K classes to get the kids excited for entering school as well as to get them familiar with some of the procedures in school that they might not have to abide by in pre-school.  You could also use the lesson as a writing prompt for the students to describe their favorite thing they are allowed to do in school that the teachers arent allowed to do.

Snappy Sounds, Boo! by Beth Harwood and illustrated by Derek Matthews (ISBN-10: 1592234526):  Was an entertaining story that kept my attention with its interactive appeal.  The Halloween theme was a great segway into the fall months.  Miss Jackson reminded us that in our classes we will have children of different believes and to be aware of this during controversial holidays such as Halloween which is a good tip.  The book could be used to start a lesson on rhyming and word choice.  Also the book could be used to show the effects of onamonapia.

Learning Experiences:

This week we moved from self eteem into learning styles.  We have begun to study the diffrent types of people and how to appeal to there learning through diffrent methods.  Suprisingly, science became a topic of discussion when we began to discuss left/right brain and how people differ in personalities based on which part of their brain they are most dependant on.  Miss Jackson had the classes take the “Brain” test in which we answered a series of questions and it told us down to the 10th percent where we were most dependent.  I am a slightly left brained person with a tendency to like auditory learning more than visual.  It will be interesting to see how I interact with people at the end of this unit.

Current Event:

America is not the only country with educational problems.  Liberal Democrats in Scotland in their campaign against the current Prime Minister released the numbers of teacher applications versus jobs.  Last year in Scotland their were 49 applications for every teacher job.  According to the general census among educational leaders in Scotland these numbers are depriving students of new and enthusiastic teachers who cannot find work.  Last month the statistic emerged that only 10% of the 3000 new teachers in Scotland found employment with the councils where they trained.  It is a tough time for teachers right now, employment rates are steadily declining and jobs spots are very rare.  Most of this is to do with cuts in funding.  While these may be “unavoidable” they are globally affecting education.


Quote of the Week:

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yeats

Education is not something that should be forced upon someone.  They must make the initiative to embrace the spark of learning to light the fire in their vigor for knowledge(and if their lucky, in their teacher hearts).


I guess the learning styles lesson has had an effect on me because I have begun to unconsciously observe and critique how my teachers work with students.  Overall at Dutch Fork High I believe most of the teacher understand that everyone learns differently and that they must teach the material in a multitude of way in order to succeed in getting the material across.  Now there are exceptions to my generalization.  I have observed one of my teachers who does problems in class and assigns a ridiculous amount of work regardless of whether the concepts have been learned.  I believe she doesnt intentionally do this but It is affecting the majority of the class in a negative way, and is building a very weak foundation in the academic area.


Overall it was a good week.  I was looking forward to only having four days of school because of our field trip to Newberry on friday.  The work load is starting to become pretty steady in all of my classes and hopefully by the end of September I will have a strategy to handle all of it in a timely manner.  Teacher Cadet is becoming interesting, I really enjoy learning about personalities and how they affect others and their learning styles.  I feel that during the first two months of my senior year I have learned pragmatic information that I will be able to use in the real world.

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