The Load You Carry….

Read-Alouds: This week our read-alouds were Whiskey Speech by Noah S. Sweat, The Christmas Box by Richard Evans (ISBN: 0684814994), and The Bracelet by Elizabeth Ballard (ISBN: 1586850504).  Lawrence signed The Whiskey Speech for us, which I thought was very insightful and creative.  The speech would be great for a language class learning to break down texts/analyzing literary devices.  Lawrence using a sign language could be used in speech class as well as in teaching children to sign.  After seeing Lawrence sign i feel that sign language could also pass as a foreign language.  The Christmas Box could be used in an elementary classroom to discuss the real meaning  of the holiday season– not just receiving gifts and not being in school.  As with every holiday you must be careful about different beliefs and religions among your students so you must talk about it in a broad sense.  The Bracelet was a great story, it showed how teachers could have a great impact in each students lives which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest achievements a teacher could have.  To go along with the story teachers could write letters to their past teachers who have affected their lives.

Learning Experiences:  This week in teacher cadet we resumed learning about learning abilities, with specific emphasis on Maslow’s Hierarchies of Need, as well as creating a lesson that appeals to multiple learning styles.  My group decided to use the political arena as our theme.  Overall it was a good lesson but I learned that you have to a have a sense of authority about you in order to control your class room.  It your students dont respect you, you will get no where.  I know that for all given purposes our lessons were supposed to be fun, but in the real world of teaching having a class room that is not focused will lead to a bad learning environment

Current Events:

Despite being denied federal funding in the ” Race to the Top” competition.  Four California school districts have taken it upon themselves to establish a new group called CORE or the California Office to Reform Education.  The group will raise money and share ideas on the best ways to boost student achievement while also aiding teachers by helping to devise successful techniques for use in their classrooms.  I think the fact that the school districts are taking it upon themselves to solve their problems rather than complaining about the lack of funding from the government is refreshing.  If all school districts had a program such as this it would be great.

Quote of the Week:

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
G. K. Chesterson

As we progress through our education we must realized that our parents and their parents laid the path that we are now walking on.  And it is our job to maintain and even make this path easier and more manageable to follow for our children’s generation. It gives learners a feelings of confidence knowing what they are learning is well established, managed, and understood.


Last week I observed the fact that everyone in the Teacher Cadet class goes about learning in a different way.  And I asked myself, does it matter how we get there as long as we learn the material? I believe that we all have the ability to learn every subject unless inhibited by a mental disorder.  Therefore, I believe that great teachers adapt to each student individually, it is not something that comes naturally teachers must put effort into learning how to gauge their students abilities in different areas in order to figuratively market subject to students.


Last week really took it out of me.  It is the first time in my high school career that I can say with absolute certainty I put in every ounce of energy and effort to my classes and at the end of the week I felt like I had failed.  It that sort of feeling you get when your feel you have done everything possible in order to succeed and you still fall short.   Once college applications are sent in and done with I will feel better about my current load.  Speaking of college, my indecision has now led me to Furman University.  So now we have Stanford, Furman, Clemson, CofC, and Ole Miss.  I know for sure I wasn’t to do Pre-Law and business.  So for now I have no idea about where I am going just what I am studying.

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