Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley (ISBN-13: 9780698114289):

As it was a short week we only had one read aloud.  Clap Your Hands is a great read for getting children involved with rhyming, kinesthetic, and getting kids evolved in the text.  This would be a great after lunch activity to get the kids energized as a group before moving on to teaching.  You could get the kids to write their own rhyming poem and put hand movements with it and then teach the class their personal rhyme.

Learning Experiences:

We began our special education section and began to study the policies and laws that govern special education.  We read A Wicket’s Wad in order to understand how children or learners with disabilities feel when they are trying to learn something.  This really put it in perspective for me and gave me a new appreciation for the struggle these kids endure.

Current Events:

The report from the Harvard Graduate Education program talks about the possibility of kids getting smarter and learning things faster.  This hypothesis was debunked when researchers conducted tests on over 25000 children ages 3-6.  What the study showed is even with new technology and the illusion that children are becoming smarter.  Kids are reaching the same learning mile stones at the same age as before.  regardless of what technology is out their, kids must understand fundamentals in order to learn progressively.

Quote of the Week:

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Ancient Chinese Proverb

This proverb epitomizes the learning style of bodily learners and hands on learners.  If teachers make an effort to involved students in the material they are learning rather than just tell the students once it will make a world of difference in the retention of the information.


During the school week I observed a teacher act in a very questionable manner.  Three Students were attempting to drop the teachers class, from which 2 students had already dropped.  When approaching the teacher at first it seamed as if the teacher was just giving the proverbial “you can do it” motivational talk, but after the three students made it clear that they  were dropping the class no matter what things got ugly.  The teacher began to criticize the students decision and point out that the students would learn nothing in the class they were going to drop too.  The even wrote ” THIS IS A TRAVESTY. BIG MISTAKE” on one of the students papers.  Before the students left the class she put a email on the projector “GOOD GRADES VS. HARDER CLASSES” and proceeded to try to humiliate the students in front the THE ENTIRE CLASS.  Case and point, even if you are not in teacher cadets a common person should give a certain level of respect to others ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A TEACHER! Needless to say I will be adding this experience to my WHAT NOT TO DO list.


The four-day week was great.  It gave me a chance to rest and recuperate from the hard week.  I dropped Physics which is going to help my schedule immensely, Mock Trial began, and I finished most of my college applications(minus Stanford which requires an incredible amount of essays).  At the end of the month I am going to “Fall for Furman” with my dad so I guess we will see if I like it! I really hope I do, from my experiences this year I think a small school with smaller class sizes would be the best place for me.  It interesting how you can have your mind-set on one thing but in the end, you end up wanting something completely different.  So for now I am not committing to anything, just enjoying my Senior year and the experiences that come along with it.

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