The Holiday Season is in Sight!

Read-Alouds: My Many Colored Words by Dr. Seuss is a very “indie” Dr. Suess book. The vibrant pictures and rhyming that you come to expect are definitely present. I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith sparked a little bit of jealousy in me because my mother has never let me have a dog because “we travel too often”. This book had lots of fun illustrations for kids to get excited about. You could have the students write about of ability they wish their pet had and why. Lastly, was Julius: The Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes.This book was a great portrait of a Barrier to learning when it comes to siblings, ultimately ending with the notion that all brothers and sisters love one another no matter the circumstances.


Learning Experience: This week we began an in-depth study of our Barriers to Learning.  Cloee and I were assigned Children Living in Poverty.  In my research to prepare to teach the class I came upon many starling statistics that I am anxious to share.  For our book Cloee and I have decided to have a situation in which a young boy  is living with his mother in a poor inner city.  They are struggling to get by day to day.  One day it becomes so bad that he begins to wait behind restaurants until they bring out the old food.  While doing so the young boy stumbles upon a lottery ticket for the jackpot.

Current Event:

The video that Miss Jackson showed us in class really struck up a fire in me to do something like that in the community.  I know the teacher cadets have talked about participating in the special olympics and I feel that reaching out to others in areas such as athletics and academics could only help!


Quote of the Week:

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove . . . . but the world maybe different because I was important in the life of a child.” – Kathy Davis

I like this quote because it debunks the idea that to be happy you must be wealthy or hold a position of status.  Being a teacher is all about making a difference in a child’s life and never regretting a second of it.


This week Mrs. Theresa Holland came and spoke with us about English as a second language.  One thing she said really made me think about what the purpose of becoming a teacher really is.  One of my classmates asked her “Do you speak all of those languages?” Her reply was “No the only language I speak is English but I use my resources around me to make a difference in the children’s lives and If I just help one I have done my job”.  I admire this purpose and determination and hope to be able to say the same one day.


School is flying by.  I know next year will be amazing because I am going to be in college but I cant help but think about all the things I will miss, not to mention I may have to do my own laundry unless I can woo an unsuspecting girl with my extensive knowledge of Pride and Prejudice as well as Learning Barriers



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