The week I missed the read-aloud :-0

Read-Aloud: Absent

Learning Experiences: This week we presented our assigned barrier to the class. Among those presented were Children In Poverty, Latch Key Children, Depression, and Suicide.  Having my fellow classmates teach me the barriers was a new and helpful way for me to better comprehend what we are attempting to learn.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the presentations this coming week.

Current Event:

Last week over 50,000 British college students rioted in response to the rise in tuition fees expected to come about under the leadership of PM David Cameron.  The hike in tuition fees is seen as a ridiculous way for the Tory ran government to collect funds while adverting a take hike.  The reason I chose this story is, American college tuition is also on the rise.  Every year colleges raise the tuition, and for what?  The way I see it why should my generation have to pay 70% more to go to college than our parents did.  Our parents still had the same fees and more or less the same quality of academics.


Keep on keeping on.
Edgar Allen (Founder of Easter Seals)

At this point in our senior year it is easy to not try as hard as we usually do.  This quote serves as a good reminder of what we need to do to finish out our year.

This week in Mock Trial.  I was trying to instruct the team on Tort Statues in the State of South Carolina.  When it didnt seem I was getting through to them I decided the way I was going about teaching them was uninteresting and complicated.  So my goal for next week is to develop a lesson plan for the meeting and try to mix it up a bit to see if the team will better comprehend the laws.


This week has been somewhat overwhelming.  Im hoping to use today as a catch up time, but sadly it is not looking promising.  Hopefully next week will be better!

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