One door closes, another door opens


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffee Numeroff (ISBN: 0060245867): to be deprived of this story as a child would be a tragedy.  This book has the best illustrations and really conveys to kids how things can definetly take a turn for the worse in situations when all you can see is good.  The plot reminds me of Cat in the Hat.  In my class I  would have the kids write a story in which things go horribly horribly wrong but come full circle in the end.  This would be a great opportunity to promote literary foresight and creativity.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

Great song.  Lawrence used sign language to translate the song.  Sign language is begging to be pushed as a second language and my thought is, why not? Lawrence has done three or four things now with his skills at signing and I believe that It would be a great opportunity for kids to learn sign language and incorporate it in school.

Yay, You! by Sandra Boynton (ISBN: 068984283X)

Yet another book on self esteem.  I like the positive outlook it gives throughout the story.  This book would be good for those days when you can tell the class in general is a bit unmotivated.

Learning Experiences:

In researching my psychologist Erik Erickson I discovered a lot that helped explain the different stages in life.  I am currently in stage 5 about to be in stage six and everything that i read about these stages fits perfectly to my life.  It is important to understand your maturity level and important events that occur in your life and how missing a stage or not going about the events in the right manner can affect your life immensely.  Interesting Fact: Couples that get married in stage 6 are much more likely to get divorced than those who wait till stage 7.

Current Event:

This Saturday was the last day that gifts could be turned in for families helping families.  I believe about 500 families were adopted.  This program has been building in the community for years and it is great to see that we are able to put aside the occasional greedyness of the season and help those really in need.  Im sure they still need help at the warehouse but on this video it looks packed to the brim. Nice job everyone!


Its very cold outside.  Coupled with the ridiculous load that the senior teachers are passing out I think I classmates and I are on the verge of a riot.  Well get it done like we always do, but I think after break we will really see the onset of Senioritis hit! hopefully it wont go by to fast or slow but everyday seems to be getting shorter in my opinon.  I hope when I look back at graduation i will feel like I did everything I wanted to do

Quote of the Week:

When life gives you lemons squeeze them into some sweet tea, and thank god for southern belles- Unknown

I had to pick a quote for my Senior Superlative and this is it! I love the south and nice, beautiful, and polite ladies are just icing on the cake.  In connection to teacher Southern Belles make great teachers!


I got accepted to college of charleston, but denied for stanford. Although bittersweet im still holding out for Furman, working on those scholorship essays.  I CANT WAIT TO GET THROUGH THIS WEEK! I feel like I will never be able to get all of this work done! But Friday afternoon at about 3:45 It is going to be a great feeling!


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