One day till field experience!

Read Aloud:

Once Upon an Ordinary School Day by Colin McNaughton (ISBN-13: 978-0374356347).

This book was about a ordanary boy who is bored with school and lives a monotonous life.  One day a teacher arrives at the school named Mr. Gee.  He has planned a creative lesson allow the children to listen to music and shape their thoughts into creative writing specific to him.  The young ordinary man becomes enthralled with how interesting the teacher was able to make school.  As we move into our field experience it is important for us to remember that we need to make learning interesting and fun! I hope that I may hold the attention of my students like Mr. Gee did as well as Akwami Dawes did in his poetry lecture.


Learning Experience:

Not doing you blog for 3 weeks results in a decrease in your grade.

Also, I got to apply one of our teaching techniques we learned during our last unit of study during my lesson.  Proximity is using you body position as a teacher to inhibit students from causing distractions during the lesson as well as prevent the students from becoming bored out of their minds.  During my lesson when my classmates began to talk I moved directly behind them, since most of the class followed me with their eyes the talking students realized what the purpose of this was and proceeded to quit talking.  Applying a skill I have learned and seeing it work was pretty cool.


Quote of the Week:

If you see the world in black and white, you’re missing important grey matter.  ~Jack Fyock

I chose this quote not because of its double entendre but because it its important that during our field experience that not all of the questions we will as or be asked may have definite answers and to assume so would be a great disservice to ourselves and our students.  I want to make sure I have an encompassing perspective no matter the circumstances and that before I make any decisions I fully evaluate each decision for its full “color scheme”.


Current Event:

What ‘Star Wars’ Can Teach Educators About Parent Engagement

Teachers need to take some notes from the star wars movies this article discusses some of the approaches in executing effective parent teacher meetings.





This is called the LEIA approach apply named for the Princess in the Star Wars movies.  All of these qualities establish a positive relationship with the parents which will make them want to give you more input and take your suggestions more seriously.


Observations: In getting to see my TC Class’s lesson presentations I have observed how much every single one of us has grown as a person as well as a group.  Everyone was poised and confident in presenting their subject to the class.  Interruptions were handled well and you could really see our knowledge of teaching principles being applied.  I am fully confident that every single teacher cadet in my class will succeed in the field.


Reflections: Teacher Cadet has taught me a lot mainly about how to deal with a variety of different situations classroom and non classroom.  I apply these lessons to my daily life in hopes that I will gain some sort of wisdom out of my experiences.  I hope that they have prepared me to be the best teacher I can be for my 7th Grade Honors History Class.

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