Second Week of Observation


This week I got to observe the 7th graders response to my teaching on the subject of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The class was very mature and responsive to my lesson.  I incorporated personal photographs from my grandad, a read aloud, and a powerpoint covering key events and statistics from the end of WWII.  Overall gave me a feel for how the rest of FE will go and I liked that.

Learning Experiences:

Im learning how to grade paper faster i.e. techniques and shortcuts.  In comparison to the first day when I graded only 2 class periods tests in 20 minutes. I am now grading 4 or 5 class periods in the same about of time.  Also I am getting refresher courses on WWI and the Cold War just from listening to Miss Ecrement.  The Class Standards are very easy to follow and I am already planning my next lesson on the Cuban Missile Crisis


I wish I had more inflection in my voice during my presentation.  Granted it was my first opportunity teaching  but I feel that I can fully engage the class better than i did during my presentation.  Also, the kids personalities are starting to come out and I am able to recognize many of the stereotypes seen in the Teacher Cadet Curriculum.

Stories to Share:

My story this week comes in direct response from a statement miss jackson told us before we headed out into the field “you will have a crush or recieve a love letter before you come back”.  Well during class change on Wednesday Mrs. Ecrement had to keep a mob of girls out of the class room trying to come in… She later told me that it was because I was here… So to answer your question, Yes. I have become somewhat of a teen sensation at the Middle School


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