Blog Week 3


This week my class took a test on Tuesday so I was able to observe how Mrs. Ecrement handled the kids in realtionship to seating/placement.  She arragned the desks in even rows and placed noisy or distracting(relative terms in the 7th grade) on the outskirts of the grid.  Thursday, I was able to see the class in an interactive setting through a powerpoint/discussion on the cold war. Its amazing how much these kids know at such a young age!


Learning Experiences:

I learned alot about grading this week.  I was able to use the teachers lounge to grade 4 sets of scantrons, while I was their I ran into my 7th grade English teacher who was thrilled to  see me.  When I got back to the room I used power school to create/link the test on the program then I recorded the test grades.  I also had to go back and hand grade the students who filled out their scan trons incorrectly, its now evident why teachers are so particular about this.


After getting to know all of the kids and feeling comfortable in the classroom setting I believe I am ready to lead the class in another lesson.  On Tuesday I will be teaching the kids the geography of the cold war.  Whether I become a teacher or not the experience I get from being a TC will be valuable in any avenue I take in life.  Being a TC requires patience, work ethic, and being wise(again, relative for a senior in high school).

Stories to Share:When I came into the class on Thursday the students were about to begin a discussion.  But instead of asking questions about the material they began to ask questions of me!  I guess they never really got to have any personal connection with me since I am usually there in a solely academic capacity but it was nice to open up to the students.


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