Week 3


This week we skipped field experience on tuesday because the schools had PAST testing which I believe is what I went through when i did PACT testing.  It is intresting how strict the schools have become about standardized testing.  I believe it to be because the school generated by the students on days such as this affect a schools overall rating which has become very competitive and inturn has become more strict.  Instead of going to FE we came back to class in order to share stories about our expereince and go over portfolio ideas.  Everyone out of our teacher cadet class has seemed to excel at the position they have been put it, this shows how hard we all worked in preparation to go out into the field.

Learning Experiences:

On thursday I graded papers and entered grades because Mrs. Ecrement had to  catch the class up because of past testing.  After spending a couple of weeks in and with the class, I have been able to tell how students perform which ones are under performing and who is stepping it up.  There is no trend or stereotyping in my class as to who you would expect to make excellent grades.  The whole class is capable of making A’s and I am there to help foster that.


The students are really taking to me well, which makes me feel good and gives me confidence that I am doing a decent job.  I am planning my lesson on cold war and continue to teach when Mrs. Ecrement needs me

Stories to Share:

This week I came into my class to see the students had written on the board: “Mr. Lecy is the Bomb.com” which was pretty funny.  Also, I wore my Clemson tie into class on thursday as a sign of my commitment to the university.  Some of the students like it, but the ones who didnt let me know!


  1. #1 by Mrs Jackson on March 28, 2011 - 12:10 pm

    Just so you know – it’s PASS testing.
    Good blog!

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