This week I got to see Mrs. Ecrement handle a lot of discipline issues.  It was mostly talking which isnt a far fetched idea for 7th grade kids. She is straight and to the point without being rude.  The kids respect her and she uses this respect in the best way possible to create a calm learning environment.  She never loses control of her classroom which I know cannot be said for many middle school teachers.  This is another great quality from Mrs. Ecrement that I hope to add to my teacher cadet repertoire.

Learning Experiences:

This week I led the class in going over their benchmark examinations.  I have taken history benchmark examinations in the past so I was not too surprised with the format or questions.  I went through each question individually and told the students the correct answer and my reasoning behind it.  Also I addressed any additional questions the class had.  I feel that the students now respect me on a personal as well as academic level because I showed them I knew what I was talking about.  It is important for every teacher to be respected in this aspect by their students.


I was only in class two days last week because I had my wisdom teeth out on friday(which was great fun).  Every week I try to have increased my connection with Mrs. Ecrements classroom.  More specifically the students and the material.  I feel comfortable enough now that I could walk into the class room and run a whole class smoothly without any huge issues.  I am knowledgable about grading, powerschool, standards, the students, and discipline.  I am glad I chose the 7th grade it gives me a great opportunity to see inside of what i belive to be one of the most difficult jobs in society.  Many of the good qualities I see teachers exhibiting in their classrooms I hope to translate into the boardroom some day.

Stories to Share:

The class sang happy birthday to me on Wednesday and wrote my name all over the board saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. LECY” It made me feel to know the class  is interested in me and cares about me now!


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