Fox Card Frenzy!


Despite the preconceived notions that 7th graders only talk and start disruptions, my kids are excited and ready to learn about social studies. Granted they are a honors class but i have the utmost faith that they will excel in their future years of school.

Learning Experiences Keep things Simple. At one point during my lesson I found myself explaining the difference between Sunnis and Shias to 12 year old kids. It was a moot point and most likely confused them more than they were before. So my new rule of thumb is if a high school student would have trouble grasping it not to bring it up! Even though id love to give my kids the benefit of the doubt.

Reflection This week I had the opportunity to teach a lesson on the War on Terror. I put together a powerpoint in correspondence with standards and my kids study guide. I was overall pleased with how it went. The lesson itself took 25 minutes, I covered many topics an answered any of the questions the kids had(all of which were great!). I felt I had done a good job of covering the section and that the kids were engaged and interested.

Story to Share We had alot of discipline problems this week in class. It creates a tense mood in the classroom especially when more than one fox card is punched in a day. This week I punched my first fox card and I felt awful, hopefully the students dont take it personally because I would get rid of these stupid cards altogether if I could

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